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Economie du développement rural (T. Abdelhakim)
Economy of rural development 1 arabe (T. Abdelhakim)
Economy of rural development 2 arabe (T. Abdelhakim)

Economie sociale (M. Garrabé)
Economie sociale arabe (M. Garrabé)

Aménagement rural (D. Goussios, E. Beriatos)

Utilisation des nouvelles technologies et gestion participative de l'espace rural méditterranéen (D. Goussios, G. Faraslis, F. Vallerans)

Social evaluation of intangible impact of rural develepment projects arabe (M.H.A. Nawar, A.T. AlBendari)

Le leadership et les projets de development rural (M.H.A. Nawar, EM. El Shaféi)
puce Leadership and rural development projects arabe (M.H.A. Nawar, EM. El Shaféi)


:: VIDEOS ::

4 lessons by visioconference. More details in the Forum.

Conference from P. Campagne (14th of november 2005)
"Development of a rural zone: conceptual approch"

Conference from L. Zagdouni (13th oh march 2006) :
"The question of the participation of population in the programs and projects of agricultural and rural development in Morocco: which lessons ?"

Conference from M.H.A. Nawar et M. El Shafei (24th of january 2007)
"Leadership and rural development" FRENCH VERSION

Conference from M.H.A. Nawar et M. El Shafei (24th of january 2007)
" Leadership and rural development" ARAB VERSION

Conference from D. Goussios (15th of november 2007)
"planning and rural development"