Description of the project


Period of eligibility

3 years, from 1 september 2004 to 31 august 2007

Project summary

This project is comprised of a consortium of 4 institutions, each providing training in rural development in order to adapt to the evolution of theoretical contents (new themes) and the requirements of new development policies.

The objective of the FORMDER project is, then, in the short term to reinforce existing training by the replenishment of content and the paths of education programs; and in the longer term, to create the basis for multidisciplinary, international training in rural development suitable for the Mediterranean countries.

Types of actions envisioned to achieve this objective

Updating and exchange of educational resources (content, methods, teaching materials) and the circulation of knowledge, skills, and specific approaches used by each institution, using new technology.

Development of new education in the form of intensive courses allowing students to acquire specialized knowledge in the area of rural development.

Implementation of « polycentric » training permitting the students, via an exchange system, to receive international training throughout the Mediterranean region, and to develop exchanges within a network of universities and rural development professionals in the Mediterranean basin.