Resources for rural development



This resource bank is designed for rural development professionals in the Mediterranean who wish to cooperate with partner countries for the FORMDER project.
Its aim is to give the user an overview of the organization of rural development in the designated countries and to provide them with some useful links which will enable them to continue in their research.

For each country you will find:

- A general description of the administrative division of space in the national territory in order to locate different actors in the institutional landscape.
A brief outline explaining the major positioning of rural development policies and how they are implemented.

This resource bank is organised like a directory and divided into six headings which make it possible to have a general view of rural development actors in each of the partner countries.

It lists the actors who have a decisive role in implementing rural development and provides a few illustrations of projects and actions which have been implemented at a local level.

You will find for each referenced actor:

- Their missions
- Their financial resources
- Their contact information
- The related websites and a list of rural development gateways.

This resource bank will of course grow. The widespread nature of rural development and the diversity of the actors involved in partner countries make it impossible to develop an all-inclusive resource tool.

Help us to develop our directory!

Are you a rural development professional in one of the member countries and would like to draw our attention to a particular organization?
Contact us on our forum and specify the nature, function and contact information of the organization.

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